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Thank You for Enrolling

We received your request to enroll in the RISK-FREE Property Tax Protection Program™ 

Even though the protest deadline for most property owners was May 15, 2018, there may still be time to file your protest! 

The protest deadline for property owners in Texas was May 15th or 30 days from the date of your value notification from the county, whichever is later.  If you have not yet received your value notice from your county appraisal district office, you may contact them to verify the status of your value notice.

If your protest deadline has not expired we will be happy to file your protest on your behalf or walk you through the process of filing your own protest, depending on how much time remains prior to your deadline.  Please contact customer service at (877)482-9288 or (713)290-9700 to speak with one of our customer support representatives so that we may assist you with your protest.

Please check your E-mail and spam filter for your benefits documents and enrollment forms requiring your signature to complete enrollment. If you don’t receive your documents within 48 business hours call 800-270-2720 8AM-5PM CST.

To ensure you are protected for the 2019 property tax protest and beyond, you will need to return your enrollment forms.

Benefits include:

  • No cost to enroll
  • Free secure customer portal designed for your convenience
  • Your property will be protested every year for as long as you own your home
  • If your property taxes are not reduced YOU PAY NOTHING
  • In the years we are able to reduce your property taxes, the fee is half of the tax savings
  • Free subscription to tax saving tips throughout the year

These are just some of the benefits The Property Tax Protection Program™ provides.