Attention Texas Property Owners!

For the first time in almost 40 years, the deadline in Texas to render personal property and to file an appeal has CHANGED with little notice to taxpayers.

The OLD deadline to file a property tax appeal in Texas was May 31st. The deadline to render personal property was April 30th. That is a 15-day change in the deadline!

A few weeks ago I was speaking at a luncheon on property taxes to real estate industry professionals. I decided to take a quick poll and ask the audience:

“How many of you know about the appeal deadline changes this year?”

Do you know how many people raised their hand??


I thought: “How is this possible? Out of 80 real estate professionals, none of them knew there was a change in the deadline to appeal?”

But that was the case. And I imagine that is the case among thousands of property owners across Texas.

I even took a look at the top 100 county appraisal district’s websites in Texas and found that under 40% of them had both of the dates updated on their website.

How are Texans to know the accurate deadline to appeal if the appraisal district’s websites aren’t updated?

That’s why I’m asking YOU to share this with your friends and neighbors! Now! Before it’s too late!

The new Deadlines in Texas to remember this year:

Business Personal Property Rendition Deadline:
April 2, 2018 (April 1st is a Sunday this year)

Property Tax Appeal Deadline:
May 15, 2018

In conclusion, file your property tax appeal by May 15th this year. If you own a business and have personal property to render, be sure to render by April 2nd. There is a 10% penalty for property owners that do not render.

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