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When you reduce your BPP taxes, you’re far ahead of most of your competitors who aren’t taking advantage of this process

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Do You Have These Issues?

  • You’re unaware of the opportunity that BPP tax reduction offers you
  • You continue to overpay your business and property taxes year after year, but you’re not sure one way or the other.
  • Completing your BPP rendition is time-consuming and tedious
  • You’re irritated and aggravated and may be embarrassed by this situation; you may not have complete knowledge and understanding of this complex process
  • You really don’t know if the taxing district’s bill is fair or not; it generally doesn’t give you much if any documentation

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With 25 years experience in appraising property and having completed over 25,000 appraisals, we understand the frustration you’re feeling. We know how you feel.

This led us to write the only book on BPP valuation

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The O’Connor BPP Tax Reduction Plan takes 3 easy steps:

1 Request An

2 Review with us your evaluation results

3 Engage with us to
render our opinion
of value

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What makes the O’Connor BPP Tax Reduction Plan unique?

The fact is that most businesses don’t realize they are overpaying their BPP taxes by 40-50%….every year.
O’Connor takes a complete approach to solving this problem, unlike every other firm out there.

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Like other firms that handle BPP reporting and appeals we also address ghost assets and assets no longer used.
However, our deep valuation expertise, proprietary valuation model and clear understanding of how to separate intangible personal property clearly differentiates O’Connor. O’Connor has done over 25,000 appraisals for firms such as Chase, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

Intangible personal property can be over half of the value of personal property. It includes software, warranty, service contracts and more. We are the experts in eliminating intangible personal property. If you or your consultant are not separating intangible personal property when reporting and valuing your BPP, you are paying substantially over the fair amount.

Nationally recognized appraisal experts including: Mike Miller, MAI, Ryan Lin, MAI, Patrick O’Connor, MAI.

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