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Appraisal Review Boards Required to Follow Rules

Texas has one property tax code that applies to all 254 counties and the 253 appraisal review boards (Potter and Randall Counties combine their efforts). In practice, many appraisal districts violate numerous … Read more

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Tool for property owners to hold appraisal district and ARB accountable

House Bill 988 provides property owners with a means of addressing errors by appraisal districts regarding scheduling hearings and conducting hearings. Specifically, property owners can use binding arbitration to hold appraisal districts … Read more

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Property Tax Reduction Consultants

Texas Property FAQs O'Connor Property Tax Reduction

Property Tax Reduction Consultants Property tax reduction consultants focus on reducing their client’s property taxes.  However, some property tax consultants are more aggressive than other property tax consultants. As an example, many … Read more

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Property Tax Reduction

Property tax reduction is both a right and a responsibility for property owners.  Property taxes are effectively a stealth tax since the property owner typically does not write a check to disperse … Read more

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Do property taxes increase if assessed value does?


When property tax notices of assessed value are sent, many assessors advise property owners; “just because your assessed value went up doesn’t mean your property taxes will.” Property owners should appeal every … Read more

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Property Tax Protection Program Benefits