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What to do if Your BPP Value is Grossly Under-Assessed?

BPP Value

In most cases involving Texas property tax, an under-assessment is a great thing. With business personal property (BPP), however, there are a lot of issues that you have to take into account….

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5 Differences between Real Property and Business Personal Property When It Comes to Property Taxes

Business Property taxes

Personal property can be defined as property that is tangible but is not true property. In the state of Texas, the general basis for differentiating between personal property and true property is…

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What Should You Do When You Receive Your Notices of Assessed Value? – 5 Easy Steps

When you get your appraisal notice that tells you what value your home has been assessed at for the coming year, is that it? You see the appraised value and you are…

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How to be Prepared for A Property Tax Appeal

Many property owners have the option of appeal the increased appraised value of their property so they can try and get a lower tax bill for the year. While you might not…

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Property Tax Payment Deadline: What You Need to Know

The property tax payment deadline is a date that looms large in the lives of property owners in Texas. Missing the deadline is obviously something that you don’t want to do. The…

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