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As a business property owner, you’re probably facing three major issues.

First, the property tax code defines the method of valuation for business and personal property (BPP) as “market value.” However, most appraisal districts still render your property on a “depreciated cost” basis. This means you can be overpaying on property taxes every year.

Second, over the past 25 years, we’ve found the appraisal districts make 3 major mistakes in valuing your bpp:

  1. Using inaccurate depreciation tables
    Appraisal districts use a physical-life depreciation schedule that grossly overvalues personal property. For example, district tables would value a 1-year old chair at 86 to 90% of its cost. Hence, a $300 chair would be valued at $252-$270, when its true value is likely $20-$50.
  2. Taxing on intangible personal property
    ONLY tangible personal property (items you can see, touch, feel and move) is taxable. If you have a $2,000,000 phone system the total cost includes tangible (plastic, metal, and silicone) and intangible (service agreements, software, and trade secrets) property. Districts encourage property owners to render the TOTAL cost, which is not correct.
  3. Encouraging property owners to include inappropriate costs
    Freight, setup costs, and specialized buildings to house equipment, while included in depreciation tables (appropriate for the IRS) are dead wrong for personal property taxation

The appeal deadline is soon. Whether or not you rendered your business personal property, you still needed to file your appeal by the deadline.

We know from our 25 years’ history in appraising BPP and commercial real estate that rendering an opinion of value can reduce the amount rendered by 50% or more. This means your market value will result in lowering your bpp taxes.

Rendering an opinion of value can reduce the amount rendered by 50 to 70% or even more in some cases.

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